Machine tools and machining centers

Designing, engineering and retrofitting


Between the latest design tools, dedicated software and Made in Italy know-how – MTT Technology is engineering excellence. Our team of experts is constantly working on designing new machines and improving existing solutions to ensure maximum performance, all through the use of state-of-the-art design tools and software, followed by static and dynamic finite element analysis (FEM).

We also offer retrofitting services for all existing machines produced by PFG Machine Tools and beyond– combining Italian craftsmanship and international market knowledge to provide customers optimal solutions.

Our services

– Retrofitting services for all existing machines produced by PFG Machine Tools and beyond.
– Designing new machines and improving existing solutions with our Research & Development department
– Comprehensive project assessment with 3D design, parametric studies and model development simulations
– Automated 3D CAD/CAM programming for accurate machining results.
– Quality control protocols for the fabrication process consisting of visual inspection, mechanical testing, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and digital scanning
– Assembling services: from single components to complete turnkey products

Our strength

R & D

Our R&D department is constantly working on the design of new machines and the improvement of existing solutions.

We use the latest dedicated tools and software for design and calculation, both of transmissions (gears, gearboxes, heads) and structures, which are subsequently optimized with static and dynamic finite element analysis.

Made in Italy

Design, technology and inventiveness are our bread and butter.

Our machine tools are made with state-of-the-art solutions, guaranteed by the knowledge and specialization of MTT Technology designers, who combine Italian know-how and quality with international market knowledge

Assistance and retrofitting

MTT Technology also acts as a service for all the machines manufactured by PFG Machine Tools and beyond.

Assistance is provided with our technicians or through collaboration with specialists in the field, who will be able to intervene to restore, as best as possible and in a timely manner, the continuity of your production.